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Pegasus Mobile Sales

The perfect solution for your mobile sales team

If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their tablets. The sales person can showcase products to the customer, take the order and send it securely back to the office to be authorised and uploaded into Opera 3.

With Pegasus Mobile Sales, the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and that order being processed is reduced significantly. This improves delivery and invoicing times, ultimately enhancing cashflow. Processing orders in this way saves time and money and improves the customer’s experience of your company.




  • Faster turnaround time: Pegasus Mobile Sales allows a sales person to showcase products to the customer, take their order and send it securely back to the office.
  • Error reduction: no need to re-enter order details, the app pulls information directly from the system.
  • Staying informed: access an up to date view of a customer’s account instantly, any issues can be discussed while you’re with them, enhancing your relationship.
  • Up to date stock information: see what products are in stock and correct pricing, no need to call the office to check.
  • Everyone follows the same rules:  orders are entered in the same way by all sales people, ensuring that orders will flow through the system correctly.
  • Better time management: take orders and get them approved while you’re in a customer meeting, leaving more time to plan and visit customers.
  • Effective reporting: management don’t need to call to ask about orders, they can look at the app and see all orders placed that day.
  • Enhanced customer service: agreeing delivery dates face to face and allowing customers to take advantage of special promotions or pricing at the same time as taking the order, gives them a great experience which is likely to create loyalty.



  • Works on Android devices
  • Downloads selected Opera 3 stock records to the mobile device, including stock levels and pricing
  • Customer account information is available, including credit limit, current balance and outstanding invoices
  • Sales orders from the device are automatically uploaded to Opera 3 Sales Order Processing instantly
  • Specify Due Date for delivery at sales order line level
  • Both product and special pricing can be used
  • Includes invoice discounts and customer price lists
  • Works with both Opera 3 SOP and Opera 3 Invoicing
  • The SOP team in the office can approve or reject remote orders
  • Works with both Opera 3 Stock and Opera 3 Product File
  • Orders can be taken even if there is no internet connection. They can then be transmitted once an internet connection becomes available
  • GPS tracking of the sales team
  • Showcase products to customers
  • Save time, paper and money
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