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Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Accelerate your business

Opera 3 SQL Server Edition is the latest addition to the Opera 3 family. Built on the solid foundation of Microsoft SQL Server, Opera 3 SQL SE gives you the familiar look and feel of Opera 3 with the added power, security and reliability of a SQL Server database.

Opera 3 SQL SE quite simply helps you get things done. From VAT returns and chasing debtors to managing inventory and processing customer orders, whether you are a small or medium company, Opera 3 SQL SE allows you to use minimal resources to complete the tasks that keep your business running. Opera 3 SE SQL is business management software that allows you to do more, with less, so you can concentrate on growing your business. It is easy to deploy, and easy to use.

Investing in Opera 3 SQL SE is an investment in your company’s future. Built on Microsoft's best practice for modern client server applications means you are investing in a technology that will continue to receive intelligent updates.


Data Security

With the increasing risks of Cyber Attacks, and the introduction of GDPR, it is of vital importance to keep your data secure. That is why Opera 3 SQL SE uses Microsoft SQL server to provide data storage. The Pegasus Opera Service provides a secure platform to update data and ensures the safe flow of data between the SQL Server and the Opera 3 SQL SE user. With no other method of making changes to the data, security and integrity is maintained.

Enhanced Reporting Security

Pegasus XRL for SE allows the administrator to define User access levels, to restrict access to certain modules within Opera SQL SE. Future releases will then allow for defined Reporting Roles so that tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer, SQL Reporting Services or Infor Birst will respect the Reporting Roles to control who has access to which data.

Data Health Checker

Strict rules in Opera 3 SQL SE ensure that data and values are recorded correctly, and related database tables are reconciled. The database health checker in the server administrator and monitoring application will also verify and reconcile data when migrating from previous versions of Opera 3.

Third Party Development

Because every business is unique, Pegasus Opera 3 SQL Se is designed with customisation in mind. Genesis Business Systems is an accredited Pegasus Developer and can develop apps which can be simply deployed within in Opera 3.

Data Intensive Processes

Opera 3 SQL SE is now able to run many Data Intensive Processes (DIP's), such as period ends ledgers or payroll updates, in the background. The operation can be initiated via a workstation but will then run in the background on the server side of the application. This means data traffic is reduced and has a smaller impact on your IT Network, and the operator can carry on with other tasks. DIP's can also be scheduled to run outside of office hours to avoid disruption and potential clashes with other processes that are running.


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