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Pegasus Business Cloud

Unlock your business potential and accelerate growth. Opera 3 in the cloud.

When you move to Pegasus Business Cloud, you no longer have to buy network hardware, software or ever have to worry about storage ever again since these all become part of a service that you can pay for on a monthly basis.

Pegasus Business Cloud enables you to access a complete business solution online, at the office or on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere when it suits you, simple to install, Pegasus Business Cloud offers a way to modernise your business very quickly, easily and cost effectively. 

This cloud solution delivers flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to adapt to the changing nature of technology in an ever increasingly 'mobile' world.

Giving you the choice

Of course you can continue to use Opera 3 in the same way as you have been up to now, using your existing IT infrastructure and maintaining your business data in house.

Using Opera 3 on your own premises continues to give you the following benefits:

  • Choice to pay upfront or pay monthly with subscription from only £49 per user per month*
  • Maintain business data in house
  • Use your existing IT infrastructure (Opera 3 runs on your in-house server)

*cost is per user per month over 5 years based on a 5 user, up to 5 companies solution.


Why the Cloud?

Reduce your total cost of ownership

No need to upgrade your hardware or IT infrastructure and no local servers are required.

Ensure security and reliability 24-7

Data is UK hosted in an ISO 27001 secure data centre with back ups to a second UK based data centre.

Share data across your business

With your software hosted in the cloud you have access to your data anywhere at anytime which means you can query and report on this data on a range of devices. Ideal for a mobile workforce.

Accelerate implementation

You'll be up and running quickly with local support from your Pegasus Partner.

Pay monthly with no up-front cost

You pay monthly and reduce overhead costs.

Integrates with your windows

Microsoft Office 2013 is included as standard. You'll get Outlook, Word and Excel running in the cloud.

Flexibility to grow

Opera 3 is scalable so new users and applications can be can be added quickly and easily to support business growth

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