Online Filing Manager Update

Pegasus Software Support Update

Government Gateway decommission: The clock is ticking

With the current Government Gateway being switched off on 13 February, we would like to remind Pegasus customers that all Opera 3, Opera II and CIS users MUST be upgraded to Online Filing Manager (4.00) before this date. Capital Gold Payroll users MUST upgrade to Capital Gold Payroll (4.04).

These upgrades are vital for customers to be able to continue their online submissions to HMRC beyond 13 February using the new Government Gateway Multi Digital Tax Platform (MDTP).

HMRC recommend that all users start to use the MDTP sooner rather than later, to ensure that any issues are ironed out before the deadline. 


Below is the download link for OFM version 4.00.00

Download the above file, unzip the files and folders and then run the setup.exe. Select ‘Install Online Filing Manager’ from the menu. The installation wizard will state ‘Upgrading the Installation of Pegasus OFM’ and simply click next to begin the upgrade.

To check the version of OFM you are currently using, launch the program and go to help/about.

If we can be of any further help, please get in touch on 01482 210999 or email [email protected]