Now you truly can have your finger on the pulse of your business

Greentree recognises that everyday processes are at the heart of every business. These processes dictate the results that are produced, the effectiveness of the staff involved and ultimately the profitability and success of the business itself. Traditionally, process management has involved a few good people supported by some basic printed documentation. Greentree now provides a modern alternative to effective process management including:


Greentree Workflow module helps you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business by providing an instant snapshot of real-time key business information live at your fingertips when you need it delivering improved and streamlined business processes. The Greentree Workflow Desktop module provides countless dynamic desktop views with information updated to all relevant users across the organisation instantaneously.

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Approvals & Alerts

Greentree increases the everyday productivity of your business through Greentree’s Approvals and Alerts module. This module helps to automate the daily processes in your business by using specifically designed workflow tools that allow your organisation to ensure critical transactions, documents, or records are approved and monitored through the appropriate chain of command – automatically.


The Greentree Autoscan module provides effective document management for any business wishing to reduce cost and improve security. Greentree’s electronic document management system eliminates associated storage and access costs and ensures vital documentation is stored in a secure environment.

Business Process Managment

Greentree’s Business Process Management module is one of the key weapons to truly drive exceptional business performance and increased business returns in any mid-sized organisation.

Data Import Manager

The Greentree Data Import Manager module helps managers save time running and rerunning of scheduled imports, errors and data manipulation. Greentree DIM has an intelligent interface tool that allows for fail-safe data integration and consolidation throughout your business.

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