Supply Chain & Distribution

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Driving sales by exceeding customer expectations is what great supply chain and distribution management systems are all about.

Greentree’s Supply Chain and Distribution suite delivers on the challenge of pressured sales and delivery where customers just won’t wait. Your sales, purchasing and logistics teams will thrive with the best tools available and boost confidence in your supply process, from customer request through to delivery.


You don’t need a crystal ball when using Greentree’s Inventory Management. Achieve a competitive edge and keep a tight control on lead times and inventory costs with pin-point accurate inventory requirement forecasts. Making sure your salespeople can commit to deliver will excite your customers and seriously raise the bar compared to your competition.

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Sales & Delivery

This is where the rubber hits the road; so, making sure your staff have the information they need, when they need it, is critical and you can count on Greentree’s Sales suite to deliver for you.

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Sales and Delivery excellence is only as good as your ability to supply when you need to and at the right price. Greentree’s Purchasing suite cracks the whip on supplier relationships to make sure you can deliver on time, every time.

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Supply Chain

Greentree’s Supply Chain suite assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery.

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Quality Control

Sending customers faulty products drives a wedge into your relationships. You can offer customers a hand on-heart guarantee that this will never happen with Greentree’s Quality Control suite.

For more details on the Quality Control module please see our Manufacturing suite.

Materials Requirements Planning

Greentree’s Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) draws on key business activities to make sure goods are ordered when they are needed to satisfy customers.

For more details on the MRP module please see our Manufacturing suite.


Easily create a new distribution channel for your business. Greentree’s WebStore system makes it simple to sell securely on the web.

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There is a growing trend amongst smart customers and suppliers to require business partners to trade via an EDI system to increase process efficiencies and remove delays, errors and communication breakdowns. Be best in class! Greentree’s EDI system allows you to meet electronic trading demands with highly flexible and easy-to-use software, managing your trading relationships automatically and transparently.

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Switched-on suppliers proactively help customers to identify inventory shortages and rapidly respond to demand. Greentree’s eRequisitions suite provides immediate web access for purchasing, approval, pricing, delivery and availability. Your team can get the right outcome at the best possible price for your customers anywhere, anytime.

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Retail Point Of Sale

Greentree’s fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) leverages the core capabilities of the Supply Chain and Distribution suite to give you the flexibility to easily manage retail sales within your operation.

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