Service & Asset Management

Covering your full service needs

Whether your organisation is grappling with internal service and equipment maintenance demands, or with providing services that meet customer expectations, your business performance can be eroded by missed service calls, overlooked requests, late maintenance, unscheduled downtime, cost overruns and potentially unbilled service delivery.


Eradicate these risks with Greentree’s Service and Asset Management suite: all the tools needed to maximise service levels provided to internal or external ’customers’ and to effectively manage the diverse needs of plant and equipment maintenance. Greentree is a complete ERP solution which means all processes are automatically integrated with your other Greentree business functions such as purchasing, inventory, fixed assets and occupational health and safety.

Customer Service

Achieve the highest customer-satisfaction levels in a support or service environment. With full integration to the rest of Greentree, costing and billing of service work becomes a natural part of how you do business.

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Asset Management

Take control of your assets with Greentree’s Asset Management system: ’a fully integrated solution that gives you the power to manage your entire Planned/ Plant Maintenance requirements, from the management of the assets, servicing of the assets, and detailed cost breakdown of owning and maintaining the assets.

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Greentree4Service - Mobile

The latest of our browser-based product to be released, with functionality that continues to expand to meet your business needs. Greentree4Service-Mobile is designed to enable your service staff to deliver the best possible service to your customers. Experience less errors, happier customers, more engaged staff and performance improvements that includes your bottom line.


Give your customers access to the self-service information systems they expect and ultimately remain satisfied doing business with you. Greentree’s eService module is an easy-to-use system for customers and staff to interact with your business on the web.

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