Project Management & Job Costing

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The profitability of your ‘projects’ business rests on how quickly and accurately you allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects.

Give your business the agility it needs to respond to customer needs more effectively and profitably than your competitors. Greentree’s Job Cost Management suite delivers the visibility and financial insight you need to take the lead.

Job Cost

Empower your managers with the tools they need to define and view real-time job status and profitability for ultimate efficiency and cost controls.

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Advanced Job Cost

Boost your job-management effectiveness with these sub-modules that deliver expanded levels of control for project costs, revenue and accountability.

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Microsoft® Project Interface

If you use Microsoft® Project for your task and resource planning, Greentree’s Microsoft® Project Interface delivers a user-friendly link between Greentree and Microsoft® Project.


Manage employees’ time effectively and watch your profitability soar. Greentree’s eTimesheets module gives employees the tools to submit their time and expenses via the web, breaking down the barriers previously posed by long-term on-site projects or remote locations and ensuring billing is prompt and accurate.

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