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Managing manufacturing is a challenge; predicting demand, correctly analysing material and resource requirements, production planning and ensuring quality output all form part of a manufacturing business’s essential activities. Even small errors can have damaging downstream consequences in terms of productivity, quality, sales and ultimately profitability.

Put yourself in charge with Greentree’s Manufacturing suite, a management tool that handles the issue of raw materials and finished goods receipts and allows you to track the progress of Factory Orders in realtime. Integration with both the Financial Management and Distribution suites makes accurate Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and forecasting to optimise production planning a breeze.

Bill Of Materials

Bring together planning, labour and resource management with Greentree’s Manufacturing suite. At its heart is the Bill of Materials module which allows you to define exactly what and how many parts, components or materials are required to complete a production run.

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Materials Requirements Planning

The MRP module references key business activities as well as information across your business including all levels in the Bill of Materials, sales forecasts, sales orders and inventory. Greentree’s MRP module drives improved production management using industry-standard techniques.

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Get a grip on the future with Greentree’s Forecasting module that uses historical sales data, industry algorithms, seasonal fluctuations and human experience to forecast future inventory requirements.

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Factory Orders

The end result of Materials Requirement Planning and Bill of Materials, Greentree’s Factory Orders module, puts you fully in the picture on what products you need to produce.

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Quality Control

Eliminate the costs associated with dissatisfied customers by means of an efficient quality assurance plan. Greentree’s Quality Control module automates all the necessary quality control processes.

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