Information Access & Reporting

Empower your team to make the most effective business decisions

When it comes to information access and reporting, the saying “not one size fits all” is right on the money. We know your business demands detailed information from many varied points of reference. Greentree Info Access & Reporting answers these demands with a wide range of capable tools and an open design to support your information enquiry, reporting and analysis needs.

Enterprise Search

From the merest scrap of information Greentree4’s Enterprise Search enables you to find what you’re looking for and configure the results into categories and indexes that make sense to you. Then you can further refine the results to find exactly what you’re after.

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360 Degree information

Having the best possible information available to empower your team to make the most effective business decisions is key – that’s what Greentree delivers - a 360° view of information and with real time updates across all Greentree’s fully integrated modules, this information is as live as you can get!

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Report Designer

Day-to-day business management decisions require access to the current state of play in your various business divisions, such as purchase orders outstanding, sales pipeline analysis, aged debtors reports, trial balance and so the list goes on.

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Making the right decisions is always easier when you’re in the picture. But with today’s complex systems it’s not always possible to give everyone who should have information easy access to the data they need. Location problems, permission issues and simply making sense of complex information can all make it difficult for users to get the full picture. And not having access to accurate and timely information can make the difference between succeeding and failing in today’s challenging, fast-paced markets.

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Query Tools & SQL

You’ve always got the right answer! Often a question is asked that cannot be answered with a financial or operational report, so Greentree caters to this requirement providing very capable options for ad-hoc enquiry or analysis.

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Every business looks for ways to save valuable time spent on repetitive yet essential administration tasks. At the push of a button Greentree’s eReporting provides the flexibility and ease of use to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email, print or fax.

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Accountants love Microsoft Excel, and many use this tool every day to format, plan, and manipulate information for a wide variety of business uses. Greentree’s Financial Reporting Engine in Excel, or F.R.E.E., allows you to use these skills to easily create dynamic financial reports, that reflect the current state of your business.

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Greentree API

Effortlessly exchange information between Greentree and other software applications and devices. Greentree’s API connection engine enables data to flow both ways, enabling all your applications to effectively ‘communicate’ with Greentree.

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