Financial Management

Complete Financial Management For All Your Needs

Effective business management has at its core proficient financial management. It’s vital to have the right tools to give you accurate,  instant, reliable and error-free information to maximise the control you have over your business performance and results.

Right at the heart of Greentree is a robust, secure financial management suite designed to provide a full range of essential management and accounting functions together with the facility to easily create sophisticated financial views and reports.

Managing Financial Entities

With Greentree’s Financial Management suite you have the tools to establish accounting structures irrespective of the complexity of our geographic or management configuration.

General Ledger

Greentree’s General Ledger module has all of the accounting features you expect from a leading software package.

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Advanced Security

Greentree’s Advanced Security module applies to the entire Financial Management suite. It provides user-based rules to govern precisely which accounts (financial, customer, bank, supplier) each user can access and post to, meaning your data is secure.

Financial Reporting Engine in Microsoft Excel® (FREE)

One of Greentree’s key advantages is its live integration to Microsoft Office Excel®. Financial management reporting in Greentree is provided through Excel, affording a wealth of options to financial professionals in terms of configuration and presentation of business reports.

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Cash Management

Managing bank balances is a critical process for any organisation and with Greentree’s real-time integration between its modules, the bank balance reflects all transactions in real-time.

Accounts Receivable

Nowhere in your business system is it more important to have complete, accurate and real-time information than in Accounts Receivable. Greentree exceeds all expectations in this area, with flexible debtor management which can be enhanced with integrated eReporting, EDI and customer self-service through eCRM; all of which tighten your control of debt and increase your rate of collection.

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Accounts Payable

Control and monitor where your money is going and you can better control your business’s future. The Accounts Payable module provides a managerial accounting tool that presents a clear picture of what is owed to suppliers and what your future cash commitments are. It can be enhanced by integration with Greentree’s EDI, Purchase Orders and eReporting modules.

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Fixed Assets

Managing fixed assets, maximising depreciation and planning for future capital investments or disposals is made easy with Greentree’s Fixed Assets module.

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Every business looks for ways to save valuable time spent on repetitive, yet essential, administration tasks. Greentree’s eReporting module provides the flexibility and ease to automatically send reports and business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, remittances and statements to customers or suppliers via email or fax.

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Automate tedious manual processes; slash paperwork, save both time and money! Greentree4 eDocs lets you convert received documents into executable electronic files - including expenses management. It’s never been easier to code, approve and reconcile your accounts and other documentation.

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