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Greentree’s eBusiness suite provides a flexible web solution designed to give customers, suppliers and staff the control and instantaneous levels of service and information access they expect. Not only that, but because you’re removing all the redundant human elements from the equation, you can expect to dramatically decrease your costs. The eBusiness suite will also help eradicate mistakes that have a high business cost and can damage your business relationships.


Empower your customers to get what they want, at the time they want it. Allow them to see for themselves how your pricing and specifications measure up. Make it easy for them to place their order with no hassle, no queues, voicemail or human error. They’re in control; and they’re choosing to do business with you because of it.


It’s not just customers who enjoy being in the driving seat. Suppliers can streamline your business processes when they can reach into your systems and monitor inventory levels for you, initiating requisitions, dealing with delivery problems or making payment enquiries for themselves.

Staff that are in control of their own HR records, leave applications and can see approval requests getting processed faster than ever are more motivated and committed to your success.

Greentree4Sales - Mobile

Greentree4Sales-Mobile lets you take the power of what you can do at your desk with you everywhere. Fully enabled for desktop, laptop and tablet, Greentree4Sales-Mobile supports the sales process. Its pre-configured Workspace ensures the information a sales team needs is right there.

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Effortlessly add a whole new distribution channel.
Enable customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders - all fully integrated with your Greentree system.

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Empower customers, resellers and staff to self-manage service delivery from start to finish.

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Give staff the tools to manage their own HR records and leave requests.

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Ensure project management and billing is more accurate and timely than ever by having -employees submit their times and expenses via the web from anywhere.

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Enable any authorised user to take control of their own requisition and inventory needs.

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Streamline the management of multiple locations and remote workers by giving staff the information and tools they need to process approvals from anywhere in real-time.

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Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, remittances and statements are delivered via the appropriate electronic delivery method.

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Empower your team and business partners with full web access to all the information available in Greentree.

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Elevate your business with electronic trading that brings you, your customers and suppliers closer than ever, resulting in fewer errors and billing and payment delays, and overall improved service levels.

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