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CloudSuite Industrial from Infor

What If ............

You could quickly and easily embrace speed and agility, whilst reducing the costs of your IT Infrastructure and maintenance cost within your industrial operations?

You could implement a highly flexible software solution that securely manages the end-to-end manufacturing, financial and service operations of  your business?

You could employ an industry leading ERP solution, with a low total cost of ownership, freeing up the capital in your business to invest in other ventures? 


The manufacturing industry continues to weather significant challenges. Global competition and volatility are causing many companies to analyse how their organisation is manageddand operates. This is particularly true in manufacturing, where customers have a greater awareness of alternatives and product loyalty is a thing of the past. Legacy ERP solutions can no longert provide the flexibility that allows SMB manufacturers to move beyond organic, single dimension growth strategies.

Now you can modernise your business with the advanced functionality you need, plus make the change more quickly and with a lower initial investment than you ever thought possible. CloudSuite Industrial, from Infor,  is ready-to-run and built specifically for manufacturing and service providers. It is an industry proven solution that can manage key areas such as finance, product design and configuration, project management, quality control, supply chain visibility, production operations and material management. In a time when manufacturers need to have the ability to quickly address increasing market challenges, customer needs, operate leaner and manage complex product requirements, without having the large budgets to increase resources, Cloudsuite Industrial offers the perfect solution. A low cost, subscription-based solution, reduces the need for large capital outlay, allowing organisations to improve customer engagement, integrate operations and improve visibility of their supply chain.

CloudSuite Industrial can help you maintain visibility of the factors you can influence like suppliers, customer accounts, and product innovation, all within a secure technology infrastructure.
Move beyond extended cloud based applications like CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce software and realise the benefits of CloudSuite Industrial—a solution that was built for growing manufacturers, contractors, and service companies seeking a holistic approach to managing their operations.


There is no other cloud solution that offers a complete end-to-end solution with the robust functionality especially  built for the needs of manufacturing and service operations. CloudSuite Industrial includes the highly flexible, robust functionality.

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