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Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is a software package designed to connect elements of business together to allow for simplified business procedures and reporting. Many of the ERP software packages on the market will combine Inventory & Stock Control, Order Processing, Invoicing, Accounts, Payroll, Human Resources and CRM into 1 User Friendly Application with an easy to navigate Graphical User Interface. A good ERP package will offer quick, real time reporting allowing key business decisions to be taken quickly.

Whilst there are many ERP systems available, with varying price points and functionality, Genesis Business Systems support 3 of the market leading titles; Opera 3, Business Cloud Essentials and Sage.

When people talk about iPhones, more attention is paid to the hardware then the iOS software running on them. Do you know the difference that iOS 14 brings to your device compared to iOS 9?

The story tends to carry over in the rest of the IT world, when we mention IT, we tend to think more about the hardware and infrastructure then we do about the software. However, having the right software solution for your company can make a big difference to the way your company operates.

Genesis Business Systems can help with both your hardware and software needs. Not only do we have expert engineers that can design and deploy your IT Infrastructure, including cabling, telecoms and hardware. We also have a team of software experts that consult and advise on a range of software solutions to give your business that competitive edge.

Genesis are partners with Microsoft, Pegasus, Sage and Sophos to name just a few. We work closely with our partners to ensure our product knowledge is always up to date to provide you with the best advice, when you need it.

If you are looking for Office productivity software, Genesis Business Systems can advise on, and supply the latest Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office is the market leading productivity suite, including best-in-class applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint enabling you to produce professional reports, letters, presentations and so much more. Microsoft Office can be purchased as a one-off, on premise solution or as a subscription-based cloud solution allowing for greater sharing and collaboration, wherever your staff are based.

When it comes to accounting solutions, Genesis Business Systems work with market leading providers Pegasus and Sage;

Pegasus Opera 3 is a full ‘one system solution’ to fit all types of business requirements. More than just an accounting package, Pegasus Opera 3 is a modular ERP solution, that can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Capital Gold from Pegasus provides an integrated entry level accountancy solution with powerful functionality whilst remaining intuitive and easy to learn.

Sage has been providing Accounting Solutions for many years, and as a Development Partner, Genesis Business Systems are able to provide Sage Accounts Software, developed to meet your business needs.

In an increasingly digital world, more and more businesses are transforming to a paperless office. The paperless office benefits from a faster, more efficient way of sharing documents including document sign-off. It also reduces overheads, storage space and provides better security and trace-ability. Genesis Business Systems provide Spindle from Draycir – a one-click document delivery system that business’s love.

If you don’t see the solution you require, click on the link to email us or phone us on 01482 210999, we have access to many more providers and solutions. Genesis Business Systems also have an experienced team of developers who can provide bespoke software systems and App’s to meet your business needs.

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