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Vulnerability Assessments

Is your IT system secure?

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is “the process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritising vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures” (Source: Tech Target)

The process of a vulnerability assessment is intended to identify threats and the risks they pose to a business. 

What does a vulnerability assessment involve?

A piece of software scans your network and looks for any areas of weakness. After the assessment is complete, you will receive a full report of the findings.

  • No software is installed: No-one needs to know including your current IT provider
  • No agents or probes living on your network: nothing to disrupt your system after the scan is complete
  • It’s fast: a mid-sized network is scanned quickly, leaving you time to get your job done
  • No commitment: once you receive the results you can work with whatever company you choose to address any weaknesses, it’s not an ongoing contract with Genesis.

Three Levels of Assessment

We offer three levels of testing:

  1. External vulnerability scan
  2. Network assessment
  3. Cyber threat audit

External Vulnerability Scan


  • Tests for open external ports
  • Tests for listening ports
  • Full Nmap scan on all 65,535 ports

Network Assessment

As External Vulnerability Scan, plus:

  • Secure configuration
  • Access control
  • Email security
  • Website
  • Web control
  • AV & anti malware
  • Data control
  • Patch management
  • Wi-Fi

Cyber Threat Audit

As Network Assessment, plus:

  • Endpoint client assessment
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Anomalous login assessment
  • Microsoft exchange and Office 365 assessment
  • Business disaster recovery readiness assessment
  • Asset detail information

Full detailed reports and recommendations are provided with each assessment. Each report includes a risk analysis and recommended management plan.

We will review this document with you, discuss the findings in detail and answer any questions you may have.

A security management plan will help you prioritise issues based on the risk score, along with recommended actions. 

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