Sophos Solutions

Wherever they are, whatever they’re using, they’re protected.

Sophos makes security simple by giving you everything you need in one console and agent. And Sophos understand that one size does not fit all. That's why Sophos gives you options to fit your unique security needs, budget and company size.


Message Security You Can Trust

Let your users work productively and securely with Sophos PureMessage. It scans inbound, outbound and internal email to guard against spam and the latest threats.

  • Eliminate over 99% of spam with Live Anti-Spam real-time updates
  • Guard against known and unknown viruses, Trojans and other threats
  • Give users control of their quarantined items through our web-based console
  • Make it easy for users to submit spam using our Outlook plugin

Simple, Intuitive Management

Save time by using a single console to configure and administer all your mail servers.

  • View server status, reports and policies
  • Configure content inspection rules and security policies
  • Manage alerts and quarantined items

Carrier-Grade Gateway Security

With Sophos PureMessage for UNIX, you get the scalability and configuration options you need to protect email for customers or your enterprise.

  • Delegate administration with our role-based management system
  • Run an in-house messaging service with our multi-tenant group structure
  • Get answers quickly with powerful quarantine and message forensics search tools
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Enduser AntiVirus & Protection

Protection for desktops, laptops, data, web and even email—all with a single license.

When you select a Sophos Enduser Protection bundle, you get more than just a great value. You get a set of products designed and supported by a single company focused on delivering security made simple. To us, that means the products are easy to use and that they complement each other, working even better together than they do on their own. For you, it means less work for better protection, with expert support just a phone call or email away.

Next-Generation Enduser Protection

Next-Generation Enduser Protection is the integration of our innovative endpoint, mobile and encryption technologies to deliver better protection and simpler management. From malicious traffic detection integrated into the endpoint to cloud-managed policies that follow users across devices and platforms, we're redefining what it means to provide comprehensive enduser security. And as we continue to innovate, you'll benefit, as it becomes easier than ever to provide sophisticated protection for your users and data.

Manage Full-disk Encryption for Windows and Mac

Protect your data, simplify management and maintain an audit trail with SafeGuard Disk Encryption. Deploy Sophos’ enterprise-grade, proprietary encryption or leverage built-in BitLocker encryption for Windows or FileVault 2 encryption for OS X. Seamlessly manage keys and recovery functions from a unified central management center, and allow users to recover their keys remotely in an emergency.

Encrypt Email, Stop Data Loss and Block Spam

Stop inbound threats and protect sensitive data at the gateway or on your Microsoft Exchange servers. Our software quickly and effectively stops inbound threats, including spam, phishing attacks, spyware and malware. Protect sensitive data with automatic email encryption and pre-packaged DLP definitions—reducing your risk of data loss.

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Intercept X

Stop Ransomware Before It Takes Your Files Hostage

Ransomware is the number one malware attack affecting organizations today. It encrypts your files and holds them hostage until the ransom is paid, causing massive disruption to business productivity.

Sophos Intercept X features CryptoGuard, which prevents the malicious spontaneous encryption of data by ransomware—even trusted files or processes that have been hijacked. And once ransomware gets intercepted, CryptoGuard reverts your files back to their safe states.

Root Cause Analysis Provides Insight on Threats

You’ve been hit! How did it get in, where did it go, what else did it touch and—most importantly—what should you do now? We’ve got you covered.

Detailed, forensic-level analysis illuminates the root causes of attacks and their infection paths, and offers prescriptive guidance to help remediate infections today and bolster your security posture moving forward.

Exploit Prevention Stops Modern Threats

The unique technologies of Sophos Intercept X are designed to stop attackers before they have a chance to throw their first punch.

Rather than examining hundreds of millions of known malware samples, Intercept instead focuses on the relatively small collection of techniques used to spread malware. This way, we can ward off zero-day attacks without having even seen them first.

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Sophos Cloud

Windows, Mac and mobile, together at last. Manage endpoint security and mobile devices from one unified cloud console.

Sophos Cloud is the only unified solution that integrates endpoint protection for both Windows and Mac, while providing server lockdown, a secure web gateway and mobile device management. Designed to give you an intuitive user experience, Sophos Cloud is simple to deploy, manage and maintain. And since we host the management console in the cloud there is no need to install a management server. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Proven Protection Technology

Sophos Cloud is based on the same proven technology that protects over 100 million devices worldwide. Security policies follow the user across devices, platforms and locations.

Secure Web Gateway

The web is one of the most common infection vectors for organizations. Sophos Cloud Web Gateway protects your users with our enterprise-grade, secure web gateway. Enjoy unmatched security, visibility and control for all your PCs, Macs and mobile devices, no matter how or where they access the web.

High-Performance Server Protection

Sophos Cloud is the only solution offering cloud-managed server protection integrated with advanced anti-malware, HIPS and server application whitelisting/lockdown. By simply clicking a button, you can lock down your servers in a safe state. Sophos Cloud automatically recognizes your server applications and adapts the configurations and management settings.

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