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IT Consultancy

Extra Support for Your Existing IT Team on Services and Projects

When you need extra support for an IT project, Genesis have the skills and experience to help you make it happen.

Need some help with an upgrade or relocation? Or do you simply lack enough IT staff to get a complex assessment completed? Genesis has the specialist IT consultancy skills and experience to help you, regardless of whether you have any IT resources in-house.

You might be relocating, upgrading systems, boosting security, completing an audit or planning for business continuity. Our team is ready now to beef up your skills in a measurable, highly structured way.

Business Continuity

With Genesis, making sure you're prepared for the worst doesn't have to be painful or costly - and it can help your systems run more smoothly.

What would you do if disaster struck your offices or IT systems? For many businesses, data and email is at the heart of everything they do.

Whatever your size of business, from a small start-up with a handful of employees to an international concern with several hundred staff, Genesis can put a plan in place to deal with serious IT breakdowns. Our wide range of technologies are optimised to ensure that your systems can continue operating through a disaster, and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

IT & Software Audits

Can you rely on your network? Does your IT strategy fit your business plan? Are you using licensed software?

Genesis can take a good look at your immediate IT systems and your longer term strategic needs - and get a full audit done before things go wrong.

It sounds boring but having up to date audit information of your computers and software could save you thousands of pounds in fines.

FAST (Federation against Software Theft) are an organisation that exist to help prosecute businesses that have unlicensed software installed on their computers. If your organisation has software that is un-licensed or is infringing aspects of the license it was installed under, you are libel for prosecution.

Genesis can help you keep track of your licenses and software. Even if you have reconciled all your software against your licenses you are still open to prosecution by your staff if you don't have proper end user policies in place.

Infrastructure Upgrades

As the size and nature of your business changes, so will your IT systems. Let us help make growing your business exciting - not painful.

Genesis can advise your business on keeping your systems aligned with your needs, including system design changes and upgrades. Better still, we can put them in place with the minimum of interruption to your operations.

Typical upgrades could include adding new servers to accommodate more staff, or moving servers to virtual platforms to reduce costs.

At Genesis we are also constantly watching and testing new technologies. So the moment a new solution becomes available that could give your company a competitive advantage and save you money in the long term, we're onto it.

Office Relocation

Moving offices comes with enough worries. With Genesis, your IT / Voice & Data set up won't be one of them.

Just let us know when you're moving and we will do the rest. We will manage 100 per cent of your third party IT relationships, arrange cabling and internet connectivity, dismantle your existing network, and then design and install a network in your new offices.

We offer a full office re-location service from start to finish with minimum downtime to make sure all your telecoms and networks run perfectly.


If you have an IT project upcoming that your current IT team needs help with, contact us now to see how we can help.