Who Visits Your Website? | 22/07/2016 | GenesisIT,Hull

Would you like to track anonymous business website visitors?

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As a business, your website is one of the most valuable resources you hold. It is likely to sit in pride of place at the centre of all your marketing activity and with the right tools and campaigns in place, could quickly help you maximise the leads you’re generating and your chance of converting them.

So how do you ensure you’re grabbing every piece of information, and gathering in all the buyer insights that your website has to offer? The secret is IP tracking. 

What is IP tracking?

Imagine for a second that your website is a high street shop. Potential customers may drop in and out all the time. These visitors may be a mix of your target customers – the business shoppers (B2B buyers) - and other consumers. You don’t know who they are but you do know what they looked at in the shop. You try some data collection tactics but with limited success. So while you can keep track of footfall numbers and the items that are looked at most, you are pretty limited on the information you hold.

Imagine now that you are able to see in detail exactly which company the business shoppers are from when they step foot in your shop. And that you can track exactly what each individual did once they were there – from how they found the shop in the first place, to when they have visited, what they looked at and how they moved round your shop. 

Suddenly you have valuable information that you can use to enhance your marketing activity, while grabbing every potential lead (even those anonymous shoppers) and being able to tailor your sales pitch when you go in for the conversion.

For more information on how we can help with IP tracking visit our landing page to download your guide on ‘What Is Lead Forensics?’ here.


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