How Business Cloud Essentials Can Help Your Business | 31/05/2019 | GenesisIT,Hull

Why did you start a business?

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Many people didn’t get into business to run a business, they wanted to be the best at what they do or create a solution to meet a demand.

Starting out with a basic accounts package, the business owner soon finds they are dealing with HR duties as well, especially with ever changing and growing legislation.

If the company is successful, they soon find themselves using multiple software packages and excel spreadsheets to manage relationships with customers and suppliers, stock, orders, purchasing and contracts. In parts of the manufacturing industry over 40% of customers are still managing key areas of their business on spreadsheets.  This is time consuming, difficult to manage, collaborate and produce time critical business reports, and leaves more room for error.

There is a solution. Because these businesses are specialist in their own fields, they don’t always know the jargon or acronyms used in the IT industry, and so they search for terms such as ‘manufacturing software’, ‘construction software’, ‘stock control software’ , etc. In IT these software packages are commonly known as ERP packages or ERP solutions. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In manufacturing they are also known as MRP packages which stands for Manufacturing Resource Planning, and they tend to have specific modules that provide essential functionality to the manufacturing industry.

Business Cloud Essentials, from Advanced is a prime example of ERP software. It is the perfect solution for many industries including Manufacturing, Food & Drink, and Wholesale & Distribution companies.

Business Cloud Essentials is a cloud-based ERP software solution, which  delivers a single, fully integrated platform for businesses to use financials, CRM, stock control, supplier and logistics management, payroll and dashboard reporting. The platform is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so it’s easily accessible through any web browser and the pricing model allows businesses to scale their usage as required.

Our ERP software provides business owners and managers with improved efficiencies and streamlined processes through an integrated solution. In today’s fast paced business environment, we know how important it is for businesses to be able to work quickly and maximise productivity. Using Business Cloud Essentials, we help SMEs re imagine the way they work, helping their business scale and grow.

Due to a continued uncertainty around Brexit, now is an ideal time to implement an ERP/MRP solution. Many organisations are looking to areas of growth, as well as refining their business model and operating cost in order to counter financial downturns and economic turmoil. With real time reporting you are ideally placed to make strategic business decisions to ensure your business remains competitive and on track.

With potential funding and tax reliefs available in the manufacturing industry, the time to act is now. To see how you could transform your company contact Genesis IT on 01482 210999 or using [email protected].

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