Time to think about upgrading your I.T. equipment? | 25/04/2018 | GenesisIT,Hull

Upgrading your I.T. network can bring a range of benefits to your business

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Your current network seems to be working fine. Why do you need to upgrade?

If you’re wondering why you should upgrade your network, then read on because we're about to explain the three main reasons why keeping your IT system up to date is important. Don’t wait until your existing solution encounters a problem, stay ahead of the competition and start planning now.

Many organisations are cautious when investing in new technology preferring to stick with what they know. However, it is imperative if your business wants to stay competitive, that it invests in the technology which can help it create advantage over the competition. 


1. Performance

How can you improve your network?

Many businesses start small, both in numbers and in budget, and purchase basic IT equipment in the beginning to get off the ground. As the business grows they realise their current network no longer fully supports their evolving needs. Underperforming networks can result in frustrations for employees, customers and partners.

The best way to get a better result from your network is to improve LAN (Local Area Network) performance. A local area network (LAN) consists of two or more computers connected in a building using software and hardware. You can achieve this by improving core network devices such as switches.

As more and more items are layered on the IP network, it becomes more important than ever that you have switches, routers and a network core that can support them

A higher bandwidth means more network capacity

Something else to consider is your bandwidth (basically, how much data can pass through your network at one time) as this affects how long it takes to download or upload information.

Put simply, a larger bandwidth means you will spend less time waiting for uploads and downloads and more time being productive. Or you can try and work with a lower bandwidth and suffer network bottlenecks, and spend more time waiting, for many industries, low bandwidth translates into lost sales, slower innovation, and missed opportunities.

To maximise productivity, you’ll want to match your network capacity to your bandwidth requirements. To do that, you’ll need to know what bandwidth your business will really need once you migrate your software, infrastructure and/or storage to the cloud.

You need to be sure that whatever solution you put in place will work for your business now and for future bandwidth growth that your end users will place on the network.


2. Reliability

Today’s increasingly IP-centric applications including VoIP, video and messaging can burden your network and result in poor data delivery and compromised access to storage and Internet services.

What are your network capacity requirements?

To know how much capacity you’ll need you will need to look at what you’re using today. You’ll want to add up how many users use VOIP, how much email is sent and received annually, and how much media is streamed. Is social media utilised by your employees? Is online backup key to your current backup strategy?

We can help you to identify what levels of bandwidth would benefit your business to ensure optimal quality of service for all your network users.


3. Security

Protecting your network-based assets – while maintaining required access levels – is trickier than ever in today’s web-centric business environment. Hackers are constantly working to access systems and find weaknesses they can exploit. Older IT systems are weaker and have more vulnerabilities which makes it easier for hackers to gain admission.

Next generation firewalls

Building in the most advanced firewall, threat identification and monitoring technologies can help you meet compliance requirements and protect your business and reputation.

We can provide next generation firewall and award-winning network security solutions, designed to stop ransomware, phishing and encrypted attacks.


What next?

Upgrading your network is one key way to ensure superior application performance, business productivity and user satisfaction for your business.

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