The Mobile Workforce | 22/03/2017 | GenesisIT,Hull

The rise of the mobile worker

Genesis Business Systems Blog

Today’s generation of workers don’t leave their personal life at the door when they arrive at work in the morning, as the clear distinction between the office and the home no longer exists.

Mobile working is about freedom and simplicity. New technologies are making it easy to access information and work regardless of location. The idea of mobile working is simple: it means giving people the tools to let them work anywhere at any time. In simple terms, mobile working frees you from your desk.

With mobile working, time spent travelling between locations can be used productively. There’s a full range of tablets, smartphones and apps on the market that enable you to manage emails, access your company database or edit documents on the move. A simple calculation of the benefit this offers can be quite surprising. If your employees spend a total of only 10 hours a week travelling, that’s over 500 hours a year – potentially tens of thousands of pounds of lost productivity a year- which could be recaptured.

Download the special white paper from Pegasus Software entitled 'Mind The Mobile Gap' - which examines the rise of mobile working.

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