3 Month Trials of Pegasus Cloud | 16/06/2017 | GenesisIT,Hull

Test Drive 'Pegasus Business Cloud'

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If you are looking to migrate from your current software then why not take advantage of our free 3-month trial of Pegasus Business Cloud. 

The benefits of a cloud environment are many and very real: flexibility, security, no hardware maintenance, low cost of ownership, access from any location at any time. But with your entire operation relying on your current system, the decision to move from on-premise to cloud is not to be taken lightly.

A unique opportunity to "try before you buy"

Genesis Business Systems alongside Pegasus are now giving you the chance to Test Drive Pegasus Business Cloud: use Opera 3 in the cloud for 3 months free of charge to assess the benefits for yourself and ensure that cloud is the right path for your business. If you decide that it is, at the end of the trial period you can sign up to continue to use it. What’s more, you’ll receive a 35% discount for the duration of the sign-up period. It's that simple.

What better way to get free making tax digital software for 3 months?

We’ll team up with you to assist you with setup and any training you require, so you can be up and running with Opera 3 in the cloud quickly. 

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity; contact us now

To find out more about Pegasus Business Cloud, visit the dedicated page on our website