Get an App, Smartphones are Here | 19/06/2015 | GenesisIT,Hull

Have you been prepared for 'Mobilegeddon?'

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If you have a business website, it’s critical that you consider this. Mobile Optimisation for your website is vital. Why? Since websites provide primarily a visual experience for customers, it’s important to make your site look as neat as possible. If your website is not optimised it will appear neat and tidy in a web desktop browser but not on a mobile browser. This creates a huge risk for your online business. You stand to lose valuable customers if your site isn’t mobile-optimised.

In a world where more searches are taking place on mobile devices than on computers, the need for a mobile-friendly website has never been greater. Mobilegeddon is here and it’s just a matter of time before it hits your website.

Google’s refreshed algorithm uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. It affects ALL mobile searches and is primed to have a significant impact on mobile search rankings and traffic.

A drop in rankings will only result in one thing: less traffic to your website and more traffic to your competitor's mobile-friendly site! How long can you afford to ignore mobile and lose customers?

As part of Google's new mobile friendly update you could be losing search traffic as a result of not being mobile friendly.

If you haven't done anything about this, now is the time to take action. Contact us on 01482 210999 or [email protected] to discuss updating your website and making it mobile friendly.