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Can your core systems go mobile?

Phones, tablets, mini tablets, laptops, notebooks- Mobile devices are everywhere and the range of devices, brands and platforms continues to explode.

For a business owner this introduces a whole new level of complexity when it comes to implementing business management software.   Now the expectatio…


Genesis Business Systems Blog


Time Tracking Made Easy

When it comes to monthly pressure points for any business, high up on the list has to be payroll.

One small error and you end up with a situation which has the potential to upset a great deal of people in a very short space of time. A business’s payroll system is, however, only ever as good as its…


Genesis Business Systems Blog


Understanding the difference between OI and BI

You get a lot of terms in business that seem to appear out of nowhere and before long everyone is using them but few people can really tell you what they mean.

Operational Intelligence (OI) and Business Intelligence (BI) would have to be two such terms. Our ERP software partner, Greentree has recen…