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Why did you start a business?

Many people didn’t get into business to run a business, they wanted to be the best at what they do or create a solution to meet a demand.

Starting out with a basic accounts package, the business owner soon finds they are dealing with HR duties as well, especially with ever changing and growing legi…


Genesis Business Systems Blog


What is ERP?

What is it? How can it help your business and how do you choose the right software for your organisation?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, it enables a business to manage all the components of their business in one place, it features "modules" that work together to automate processes.


Genesis Business Systems Blog


Understanding the difference between OI and BI

You get a lot of terms in business that seem to appear out of nowhere and before long everyone is using them but few people can really tell you what they mean.

Operational Intelligence (OI) and Business Intelligence (BI) would have to be two such terms. Our ERP software partner, Greentree has recen…