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Web Exchange Mobile Sales App

OK, so you have started your own business, you have worked hard, built and grown, expanded offices and taken on more staff. Now you are at the point where things have levelled off, the business isn’t shrinking, but its not growing either, so you decide to hire a Business Development Manager.

You pu…


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Connecting your external sales team with your office

Sales people are constantly on the go, whether they're meeting with clients, travelling between appointments or meeting with colleagues at head office. Mobile access to sales systems aren't just a nice to have - they're a necessity.

Whether manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors, everyone is lo…


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Benefits of creating an app for your business

When businesses think about getting an app made they often consider this as a means of customer engagement. However, an app can also be used internally and help the business to improve its own processes and productivity.

Below are a few benefits of creating an app for your business:

Always on



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A Landmark Moment: Happy 10th Birthday iPhone!

What have you used your Smart Phone for already today? Radio? Alarm? Social media? Bank balance? Job Sheet App?

It can be hard to remember what life was like without our smartphone and tablets.

Apple’s iPhone, which was introduced by Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs 10 years ago today, is mor…


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Your Business + Mobile Sales App = Success!

Do you want to connect with your sales team effortlessly for increased cashflow and better customer service?

As consumers, we use mobile apps every day for entertainment, education, savings and convenience. Despite how second-nature using apps has become in our personal lives, we seem to forget t…