5 of the most common IT issues (part 2)

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In the ever-changing world of technology, it is crucial that your company has a solid grasp on some of the most common IT problems that can happen.

If you’re aware of what issues could happen then you can adequately prepare.

     1. Hardware and software issues

Many businesses run into problems with the lifespan of the technology they’re using. A common mistake is that people assume the lifespan of a PC is a minimum of four to six years. Though it is completely plausible that your PC will run for that long, it is likely it will need work to keep it running efficiently.

There can be many problems with using older hardware including, it’s less efficient, increases the likelihood of downtime, feeds staff and customer frustration, endangers sales, and threatens other lost opportunities.

If you retire equipment at standard intervals you will likely avoid the issues which arise from using older equipment. We can help you to create a hardware management plan.

      2. Insufficient power protection

A single power outage, surge, or spike can damage expensive electronic components and result in critical data loss. By ensuring you have sufficient power protection in place, you can avoid sustaining damage which may prove costly.

You should install back-up battery devices (with built-in surge suppression) and ensure that they are monitored for efficiency

      3. Illegal software

Just over half of small businesses (51%) have either bought or downloaded illegal software (British Software Alliance)

Unlicensed software use cost UK SME’s over £900,000 in legalisation costs and damages for copyright infringement (British Software Alliance). The figure includes settlements and the cost of acquiring new software to become compliant.

You can avoid these consequences by accepting that all hardware and software must be properly licensed.

     4. Poor back up strategies

When poor back-up strategies are employed, sometimes the lost data can be unrecoverable. It is estimated that after critical data loss, a business' likelihood of failure skyrockets to 90% within two years of data being lost.

     5. Insufficient IT managed services

Perhaps the most important aspect of information technology is maintaining a good relationship with a trusted IT provider. All of the above technical problems can be prevented by working with an effective technical support team.

You must ensure that the technology professionals working for your business are legitimate and skilled in their field.

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