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Mobile App Development

Take your business to the next level

When a lot of businesses think about getting their own mobile app, they often consider this a means of customer engagement. Yes, an app can be a very effective marketing tool, but have you considered creating an app for internal use?

Developing an app for your business can bring a range of benefits including:

  • Improving productivity: an app can be created to simplify a task or reduce paperwork, giving users more time to concentrate on other jobs
  • Increased efficiency: users can load information straight into your system, rather than having to update later
  • Enhanced visibility: access your systems from anywhere - customer appointments, home, etc
  • Improved engagement: post internal comms messages once and track who has accessed them

Streamline processes or engage with customers

We offer a range of mobile app design and development solutions which can help you to work smarter and more productively.

There are so many different options, including:

  • Communication apps - Get your employees better connected, wherever they are. Product enquiry / company information etc.
  • Productivity apps - Integrate with your systems, keep personnel in the loop and increase efficiency. Streamline business processes. Sales order entry / service & asset management, job sheet / time sheet entry, etc.
  • Engagement apps - Perfect as a marketing tool. Keep clients coming back; put your brand at your customers fingertips.

Bring your idea to life

If you have an idea for an app, or a process within your business that you are looking to simplify and think an app may be able to help. Some examples of apps we’ve created for our customers are:

  • Delivery management and tracking – the app enables deliveries to be assigned to drivers, managers or support staff can then open the app to track the status of the deliveries. This creates complete visibility of the delivery process and allows for improved customer service as the location of a delivery can be accessed at any time.
  • Digitised workflow process – we created an app which allowed surveyors to input data while out on-site visits, previously they would fill out paper forms and then type results up on their return to the office. The app has improved the speed of the process and accessibility of data, other departments can access the data without having to wait.
  • Intelligent time management – the app allows time sheets to be uploaded, analysis can be performed, and reports can be produced from the data.
  • Maintenance procedure – the app allows for tasks to be allocated to team members, who can then note the progress or completion of the job. The app has improved the visibility of the jobs and improved the efficiency of work being completed.
  • Health and Safety procedures - the app holds all relevant health and safety info required on site, which can be accessed through the app 

Chances are that your employees already have company mobile phones, so why not utilise them to do more? Apps are revolutionising many business processes by maximising the value of mobile devices in the work environment by streamlining processes.


Stay ahead of the competition

The world of internet browsing is moving more and more mobile and you need to ensure that you are one step ahead of the game, or at least keeping up to ensure that your brand is not left behind. As well as developing mobile responsive websites, we develop mobile apps that can be stand-alone or work as a complement to your main website, working across multiple platforms and device screen sizes. By understanding your business objectives, the marketplace and the mobile environment, we develop apps that attract your target audience, engage them and ultimately help you to achieve your goals. 


To see examples of what we have developed for our customers please check out our case studies

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