Lead Forensics

Turn your unknown website visitors into business leads

So you made a website and you spent a ton of money getting customers to see it, because that's how you get more leads right? Just sit back and watch them roll in. Not exactly. Even though people might be visiting your site, if they don't make contact, you don't know who they are and if you can't convert visitors into leads it doesn't matter how many hits you have. All you can do is sit by and wait for them to call you, which just doesn't fit with your business model....As a business you're always looking for more quality leads.

Here's the deal, only two percent of your website visitors will actually make contact with you, which means ninety eight percent of people are coming to your website looking around and leaving.

What if there was a way to know who those people were, evaluate the services they're interested in and have accurate contact information so that your sales team can develop them into quality leads? You need a way to get this information quickly and simply so that your business can move forward. You need Lead Forensics.

Lead Forensics is a lead generation tool designed to reveal the identity of your unknown website visitors and turn these visitors into hot leads you can follow up with right away.

With Lead Forensics you get complete access to who is visiting your site, what exactly they looked at while there and how to make contact with them.

Lead Forensics delivers all this information through a simple sleek interface that allows you to easily assign leads to sales team members and access full contact and visitor information. So your sales team can be more empowered and more effective.

Stop wasting time and money and start using Lead Forensics.

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Key Features

The Lead Forensics lead generation solution is a cutting edge technology that enables you to maximise the value of every visit to your website. 

Instead of blindly investing in methods to drive increased traffic to your website, Lead Forensics enables you to identify and focus on prospects that have already visited your website.

Lead Forensics provides you with a unique online tracking and reporting solution so you can:

  • Access real time intelligence about your prospects
  • Find out when they visited
  • See what they searched for
  • Identify the pages they viewed
  • View business turnover and their industry SIC code
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