Bespoke Development

Something completely from scratch?

Although lots of business are similar, we know that no two businesses are truly the same, so we believe a "one size fits all" software solution doesn't always cater fully to a business' needs. That's why we work with you to produce business software that fits your business and not the other way round.

Tailored to fit your Business

Implementing a successful software solution will bring huge improvements to overall workflow, but that success rests on how well the software fits you as a company. Your business has it's own way of working, and forcing your employees to fit around an off the shelf solution may well decrease productivity rather than improve it. When you choose a bespoke solution from us, we work closely with you to make sure the solution we create is a perfect match for your business.

Fully Integrated

The biggest worry for any business when proposing a new solution is how it will fit in to their current infrastructure. With a bespoke solution, integration is just part of the package.

If you have a back-end system that you simply cannot work without, we can build your solution to integrate directly into that system - and it can be easier and cheaper than you think.

There's alot to talk about

If this is the route you are looking at, then let's start talking. We need to start looking at your full requirements and share ideas on the best solutions for you. If there's exisiting technology or software that you would like to work with, then we can look to work that into the project and start to build a timescale with you.

Contact us now to start the ball rolling. Give us a call on 01482 210999 or email [email protected].