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Wensleydale Creamery

Food Production Industry Case Study

Having used Opera II for a number of years, Wensleydale Creamery made the decision to upgrade to Opera 3 to take advantage of its enhanced Supply Chain Management capabilities. Opera 3 software provides full integration between accounts and supply chain, which means a faster and more efficient month-end process. A new supply chain process enables management of peaks and troughs in supply and demand, enabling complete visibility of the supply chain. A more efficient supply chain enables the business to provide optimised service levels.


"The new functionality in Opera 3 means that we can perform our month-end much quicker, and because stock management is integrated with our accounting processes, we have 100% visibility of inventory, production and delivery schedules"

About the company

Based in Yorkshire, Wensleydale Creamery employs over 200 people, servicing the export, retail, wholesale and food service industries. Wensleydale cheese has been made in Wensleydale since 1150, when Cistercian monks settled in the dale and established a monastery. Today, Wensleydale cheese is still handcrafted to a time-honoured recipe, using milk from local farms.

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Now that we have this benchmark, we hope to be able to tighten our processes further and reduce inventory to maximise efficiencies across the organisation
Paul Birnie, Financial Director