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Ventrolla are experts in sash windows, with over 35 years in the sash and timber window industry.

They are constantly on the look out for new ways to improve on traditional methods, training their staff to consistently high levels, as well as providing 5 year guarantees on all their work.

The Solution

We designed a system to replace the manual, spreadsheet based methods previously used to generate quotations and schedule order installations.

The new system includes a back office area and two apps, one for quotations and one for installations. This solution encompasses all aspects of order management from initial quotation through to the scheduling of installations and invoicing.

The back office system seamlessly integrates with Ventrolla's accounting system, pulling through new client information and confirmed orders without having to re-key in the data. Orders can then be progressed to an invoice and posted using the standard accounting options.

In addition to posting confirmed orders, our specially designed system automatically issues order confirmations to the client via e-mail.

Both apps were designed to enable the Ventrolla installation team to effectively communicate with the main quotation and order management system whilst on site. The app allows users to access scheduling and assigned jobs and lets them update the main system with progress or job completion.

A key feature of the system is that it provides a simple way of recording the customer’s sign-off acceptance signature and transmits it back to head office, providing a vital link between office based staff and those employees out on site.

Key Features

  • Quotation creator
  • Real time access to client information
  • Quotation history
  • Installation management and customer signature capture
  • Document management

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What now?

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