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SMS Towage

The Problem 

SMS identified that their internal processes were lengthy and relied too much on paper-based processes. Boat crews were slowed down by completing lengthy paper-based checks, the flow of information was hindered by long waiting times as office staff had to wait for crews to return before they could upload the information into the system.

The Solution

The solution includes a back-office site which is hosted online and an android app which allows the boat crews to access live information from wherever they are.

About SMS Towage 

SMS Towage is the UK’s largest independent towage company, providing a range of services including harbour towage, offshore towage, renewable energy support and other specialist shipping project work.

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The tug management system developed by Genesis has helped us to maintain and manage our increasing fleet of tugs. The system handles our requisitions, maintenance schedules, certifications and audits. Pairing a tablet application on the tugs and a desktop dashboard back in the office has made communication with our fleet quicker and more effective.
Matthew Winney Marine Manager/Designated Person Ashore (DPA)