Grayrentals Bespoke Back Office & App Development | GenesisIT,Hull



Grayrentals have been operating for over 30 years, providing a range of vehicles and trailers to hire within the transport & haulage industry. They also provide a support and maintenance service working alongside the fleet hire, to keep their customers moving.

The Problem: 

Grayrentals identified that their internal processes were lengthy, and relied to heavily on users inputting accurate data onto paper based records, which then had to be inputted onto a central database. The maintenance team were hindered by excess paperwork, errors could be made when inputting data or required reporting fields missed. This could then lead to missed service and maintenance schedules and ultimately vehicle failures.

Grayrentals were looking for a digital solution that would reduce the need for existing paperwork whilst enabling maintenance and office staff to share data in real time, even when working remotely.

The Solution: 

The Genesis team worked closely with Grayrentals to gain an understanding of their business and to experience the problems they were facing. Spending time with each department gave us a knowledge of the tasks they completed and how each department integrated with the other to make the company function smoothly. We looked for ways to simplify and streamline each function, and ensure that all information could be stored securely online, whilst still being accessible without a mobile signal.

The solution involved creating a back office system to store records of fleet servicing, job cards and time sheets. The data could be accessed, and updated by the maintenance staff via a mobile app, and the data saved to the back office.

The App:

  • The App required has a secure sign in, this allows all data entries to be associated with correct user. The app has 3 menu options;
  • The Job Card, which allows the user to detail which vehicle they had been working on and any repairs that had been carried out, along with any other details such as account number, fleet number and date of work.
  • The Service sheet, which allows the user to detail what service is being done to which particular vehicle, including who the service operator is and chassis numbers. The service sheet has a check list to monitor the state of the vehicle,including details on tyres, etc, and input sections to detail any faults found with actions taken.
  • The Time Sheet, allowing users to input their daily mileage, and what job they carried out, including start and finish times


  • Reduction in Paperwork; -All information from the maintenance team is recorded electronically.
  • Improved efficiency: The maintenance team spend less time filling in paperwork, and the office team are saved from having to re input data and match it to correct vehicles.
  • Improved Scheduling; Alerts can be generated when servicing and maintenance is due, these can then be scheduled effectively.
  • Increased Revenue: With the maintenance team having to complete less paper work, they can quickly move onto the next job.
  • Increased Customer Service Levels: Reductions in paperwork, and scheduled maintenance means customers  are less likely to experience faults, and when they do occur the receive a quicker response.
  • Reduced Errors: With the paper work not needing to be duplicated onto systems, there is less room for error, and all work and maintenance are automatically assigned to the correct asset.

The app has significantly increased the speed and quality of service for our customer business needs, which is an ever increasing requirement
- Tracy Westwood, Service Support Manager