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Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Yorkshire roofing and reinforcement specialist Foregale, moved over to Opera 3 which now allows customer reports to be produced within seconds. Any irregularities within the reports, such as delayed payments are quickly identified so that appropriate action can be taken as necessary.

The flexibility provided by Opera 3 when inputting data into forms, such as a cashbook, means that content can be more descriptive, reducing the risk of confusion from using abbreviated text.

Opera 3  includes an improved user interface which means that multiple screens can be open at any one time, making it easier to switch tasks.

"Reports can be produced within seconds as opposed to days and back-ups can run automatically overnight without requiring manual intervention."


About the company

Foregale is a manufacturer and service provider to the roofing, cladding and reinforcement industries. Established in 1981, Foregale has a turnover of £7.5 million and employs 45 people across its three divisions of steel, roofing and non-ferrous metals.

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Moving to Opera 3 was the best thing Foregale has ever done and without it we'd be unable to operate successfully. Opera 3 is simple, clean and intuitive, which makes it easy to gather crucial business information in a timely manner.
Tim Scott, Accounts Manager