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Danford, Brewer and Ives (DBI)


Danford, Brewer and Ives (DBI) offer a range of building services including damp proofing, timber treatments and basement conversions to customers in Yorkshire, Teesside, and Cheshire.

The Problem 

They identified that their internal processes were lengthy and relied too much on traditional paper processes. Also, departments were working relatively separately which slowed down job completion and affected staff morale. 

DBI were looking for an app-based solution that could streamline traditional paper-based processes and improve interdepartmental working. 

The Solution 

The Genesis team worked closely with DBI to understand their business and the issues they were experiencing. We studied each department, the tasks they completed and how each department formed part of the complete job process from initial enquiry through to completion.  We looked for ways to simplify each part of the process, where possible and ensure that all information could be stored securely online, but also be accessible without a mobile signal.

We ensured the solution would be straightforward to use, to maximise its usage. Our development team built a back-office system which utilises Microsoft.net and is hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. There is also an app designed to be used on a mobile device when staff are on site. 


  • Significant reduction in paperwork – all tasks are completed electronically
  • Improved efficiencies – employees complete each section of the job and it moves through the stages until completion
  • Increased customer satisfaction - customers receive quotes faster and if they call in for an update staff can tell them exactly what stage the job is at because they have access to all relevant information saved within the job
  • Built in templates - the app automatically pulls through key job information to prevent the need for retyping data and duplicating work
  • Job transparency – anyone can look up the status of a job, see who is working on it, how long it’s taking etc
  • Improved scheduling – linked to the user’s calendar, jobs can be assigned for specific days and time slots, which also improves planning and resource allocation
  • Always up to date – each time someone logs into the app, they are prompted to download the latest data
  • Associated documents are saved within the system – time sheets and risk assessments etc can be completed and saved within the relevant job

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We have been running the app for over a year now and the efficiency savings are clear. Some of the best points for us are the co-ordinating of what were separate procedures, the survey section of the app makes us more consistent and ensures that important information is passed on at each stage. Improved efficiencies meant that a member of office staff who left did not need replacing. So far we have made annual savings in excess of £15k.
David Ingham. Managing Director